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Tuesday 03 March 2015

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This week:

Highlighting news stories important to the Civic Republican view,
particularly those that are overlooked or little covered in the main media.

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  • Republican Candidates for General Election 2015

Peter Kellow, DRP Leader, writes

    OK, now is the time.

    We have laid the foundations for a republican party since registration three years ago in February of 2012.

    We have a determined committee with a growing committed membership.

    The General Election 2015 is the opportunity for the DRP to make a significant breakthrough.

    Now we need you to dig in your pockets to fund the campaign so that we can take a great leap forward

    We want your help to fund as many as possible parliamentary candidates to stand in the election

    You can do so here.

    We are offering gifts and souvenirs for donations. So it is not all giving.

    We want to show our appreciation for your valued contribution to building the British republican community

    They only effective way to do this is through the electoral system.

    For all its faults we still do have a democracy. Let us not forget that.

    Let us use it the way our forefathers who created it intended

    This is the way that the media will have to take this republican cause of the DRP seriously however much they will not wish to.

    We are the only organised, well-supported, active republican party

    We have an excellent, comprehensive website.

    We send out regular acclaimed DRP Newsletters read by media and political figures as well as our by supporters and members

    We want your help to fund as many as possible parliamentary candidates to stand in the election

    Of course, we will not get any MPs.

    We expect to lose most of the deposits of £500 that each candidate has to pay to stand (They keep the deposit if they get more than 5% of the votes cast.)

    What we do expect to get is a massive boost and publicity for the republican cause and for the Democratic Republican Party

    At every constituency where we stand when the returning officer announces the result the name of the Democratic Republican Party will be heard in millions of homes throughout the country

    If only a tiny percentage of these millions of viewers become supporters, this will swell republican ranks enormously

    We will certainly attract more members and supporters

    Following that we are going to capitalise on these gains by launching a new national newspaper. We can announce its name here

    "Chronicle of the Times"

    It will be the only printed source of the truth in Britain.

    It will be sold by street sellers and contain no advertisers to influence the editorial

    It will be the next step to establishing republicanism as a force in British politics

    It will put the lying mainstream media to shame

    More news on this will follow

    Believe in it. It is going to happen

    For now let's use the General Election to give us maximum publicity here


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