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For a Civic and Constitutional Republic 


Issue No 100

Monday 07 May 2012

This Week

  • DRP Newsletter - 100th Edition
    Towards Election 2015

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Highlighting news stories important to the Civic Republican view, particularly those that are overlooked or little covered in the main media.

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  • DRP Newsletter - 100th Edition
    Towards Election 2015

Peter Kellow writes

I wrote in last week’s newsletter:

“… at last it looks like we may have reached a pivotal moment where the democratic support for austerity will be tested. In May we will see:

  • Local elections in many areas of Britain
  • The French will have the chance to boot out Sarkozy at the final round of the presidential election next Sunday
  • The Irish will have a referendum on the European Stability Pact at the end of the month”

Well, we know the results of the first two. A resounding dismissal of the politics of austerity, first in the Kingdom, and then in the Republic of France


The policy of squeezing the nation to bailout the banks for their dodgy, but highly profitable, lending practices is now on the back foot.

George Osborne has vowed to stick to austerity come what may. But at some point the penny will drop that this is political suicide. If he has any doubt about that he might like to have a chat with ex-President Nicholas Sarkozy

Later this month the Irish people will deliver their verdict on the European Stability Pact. But by that time it is almost certain to be a dead letter. So the disarray and collapse will continue with no end in sight

This 100th edition of the newsletter was to have been a look at the history of republicanism and banking in Britain. History is vital to the understanding of the present, particularly for Britain, which has such a long and distinguished republican history. But the events overtaking us are more urgent for the minute and so the history can wait just a little while

More urgent was to update the website to get us fighting fit to take on the task thrust upon us.

The next general election in Britain will almost certainly be in three years time in May of 2015. The Democratic Republican Party must make a significant splash at that time. For that we must plan now

I have been impressed by the way that much of the French Presidential Campaign happened in the streets see newsletter no 98. Even when François Hollande addressed the people following his victory he did so from an outdoor stage in a square in his home town. The media presence was discreet and so he was able to come across as directly talking to the people.

No doubt it was highly pre-orchestrated but nevertheless it gave off the positive signal that politics must talk directly to the people where he finds them, where they go about their lives.


We plan to take the DRP campaign out into the streets with a series of Roadshows up and down the country. See home page right column. That way we can talk to people and listen and explain. We will give speeches throughout the day and perhaps throw in a bit of entertainment. But all will be seriously directed towards creating and instilling the hope and vision for the future that is so desperately lacking in people’s lives.

We will show how the policies of Democratic Republicanism and Democratic Sovereign Money will make Britain a prosperous and happy nation, and a model for the rest of the tired out world, still grinding along lead by archaic, clapped-out, economic and political dogmas

The process of revamping the website has begun so do give it a look.  But the internet is only an adjunct to the real time activity we need.

And to deliver the new political force in 2015 that the people are so desperate for we need resources.

This is why we are launching an appeal so that the Roadshows programme can be fully rolled out. Look out for it in your town!

Our target for 2012 is to collect £5000 - a modest price to pay for helping to secure our future

So please give generously now. We cannot do this without your support. To donate go to home page and scroll down right column

And, let’s face it. In any of the current main party’s hands the future can never be secured.

All of them are spent forces mired in the baggage of failed policies, subservience to Big Finance, betrayal, corruption, sleaze and bad leadership.

Look around! The DRP may be just beginning. But there is nothing else that will free us from unprecedented massive burden of social and economic injustice we all carry.

The DRP is neither of the right or left. The supposed carriers of right and left politics have betrayed their supporters. Both have kowtowed to global finance and the unrooted, freebooting superrich and hopelessly lost their way.

The Labour Party and Conservative Party have wrought havoc on the public services plunging the nation into terrifying debt and sold productive businesses down the river crucifying them with high tax and regulation

On the publication of this 100th edition of the newsletter, the party has now been in the making since 2008.

We are now ready to position ourselves to make a crucial impact

Don’t wait. Join us. Donate to us. Work with us!



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