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Monday 26 February 2018

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Peter Kellow, Sovereign Republic Leader

The End of Liberalism
Towards Pro-Nationism

Dear Reader

Liberalism is the all-pervading ideology of western nations. So all-pervading is it that many people will not even recognise it as existing and dominating our political discourse, our mores and our morality. The great appeal of liberalism as opposed to other ideologies is that it gives priority to you, the individual. Other competing ideologies put the centre elsewhere – nationalism gives it to the nation, Marxism to a class, conservatism to an inherited past. Liberalism is based around this unit of the individual, pure and simple.

As individuals we feel honoured and flattered by this. No other ideology makes us feel so important. We are not expected to subject ourselves to memberships and identities that impose constraints and limitations on us – that demand that we behave in a certain way or believe certain ideas. We even decide our own morality. We are free! Absolutely free!

But in reality any freedom for an individual is supported by a lot of props created by society. Liberals denies this self-evident truth holding that freedom can be total – with no need for support. Supports would only constrain freedom. Consequently liberalism attacks society, the nation, and the institutions that comprise it. Liberal politicians since the 1980s have eaten away at the national institutions that comprise our society, outsourced them, delegated them to multinational legalistic organisations or just demolished them at a stroke.

We are sacrificing the institutions and the traditions of nationhood to attain a freedom – but a freedom strictly as defined by liberalism. Culture and beliefs are discredited to liberate us from their disciplines. But this freedom is vacuous – a mirage. It leaves us in a void with no morality where human relations are defined by a single factor – power. But, you say, if only I might have such power. But you won’t have it. The line between the powerful and the powerless has already long been drawn – except for the case of the lucky few or the especially talented. 

The birth of the concept of the modern nation at the beginning of the nineteenth century was integrally linked to freedom. In fact, the modern idea of freedom was born with the nation. Only the nation could make us free and guarantee freedom. This truth still holds but the liberal political philosopher John Stuart Mill, writing in the 1830’s, wrenched apart the new ideas of nation and freedom and persuaded us that the nation was divisive and malign and the cause of war. He proclaimed: let us all live in a universal state of humanity and wars will end and peace and prosperity and freedom with prevail. So he redefined freedom as having independent existence as an abstract concept. He prescribed no means whereby freedom as an ideal could be embedded in society. And so freedom in fact went by the way for all but the richest and the most powerful. Today, echoing Mill, we frequently here the assertion that the nation is dead.

We must now reverse Mill’s great fallacy. We must reclaim our nation for it is our only guarantee of freedom, livelihood, peace and an outgoing of friendship with others. It is the rock on which we must build our future.

The nation is not our island from which we cut ourselves off from the rest of the world but our home which we build as a good neighbour to others. Our home is the place where we kindle our love for humanity and start to rebuild a civilisation in decline. Civilisation has never belonged to a single nation but to a community of nations bound together by diversity in commonality. We want to contribute to the great world civilisation of diverse nations and peoples that has always been there as the promise of humanity.

There are already allies out there in the world that share this desire of ours. But liberals brand them enemies. And they are enemies – enemies of liberalism – not because they want to destroy liberalism but because liberalism cannot coexist with them. But these nations will never abandon the rock of self-identity in exchange for the mire of self-loathing that liberalism promotes. Those of us who see ourselves as advance members of the new world civilisation, must assert ourselves. And we must begin at home with a re-forging and remaking or our own identity in a New Britain. 

Nationalism is about proclaiming priority and superiority of the nation. Nothing could be farther from the goals of this new sovereign impulse. “Nationalists” “Fascists” are the slur used by those who despise any form of human identity as it threatens their cult of the individual – the individual alone, cast off from friend, family and colleague – a drifting solipsistic chimera - a pseudo-soul cast into the abyss of meaningless and unhappiness.

The liberal goal of destruction of identity is so thorough that it has come to include, not just nation and family, but even biological identity. Liberal identity politics or identarianism exists not to promote biological identity – gender, sexual orientation, race – but to equalise them all, to make us purblind to others’ biological identity, and ashamed of our own. This assault is the last battle by liberals to disenfranchise us of any sense of who are, what we are, and purify the individual of any sense of positioning in this world. Thus we become wholly, utterly, radically and metaphysically free.

It is of course scary. We should be scared. Frightened to death of the destiny they want for us, or – if we are liberals – want for ourselves. Make no mistake this utopian vision of the individual that you and I are supposed to embrace is sold to us subliminally and constantly by the snake oil salesmen of the liberal/neoliberal establishment. They tempt you with dreams of liberty and riches while charging you with burdens without human-made institutions to protect you. Meanwhile the shiny trinkets of our washed up economy are dangled before you to leave you mouthing expressions of frustrated need and desire, to distract you from the reality of your earthly plight. 

Hold on! See through the lies! Reject a polity of endless war, poverty, debt and loss of human potential. Cling on to the bedrock that was always yours, given to you as a birthright in the midst of being assaulted by the most powerful, global forces ever to dwell on the planet. Your country, your land, your people, many drawn from around the world but now distinctly us and part of this, our family, our sovereignty to endure and expand – to look after ourselves, to look after others.

We are a nation – a nation of friend, families, businesses and myriad unmet, unknown strangers all owing mutual allegiance one to another. And we belong in the world – as a nation and as members of a nation. This nation must withdraw from all legalistic international organisations. Those can only be ruled by remote bureaucracies – by their nature. They create strife and dilute the only freedom that matters – the freedom granted by our nation and its institutions.

Let us join with other nations in non-legalistic leagues and associations to create true associations of friendship and exchange. We, Britons, have always had to fight malign ideologies – often of our own making – and malign economic conditions – often of our own making. We now expunge this to embrace the great human tradition that has so often been our gift to all nations. And we begin again to make ourselves admired -not feared, respected - not despised, a soft voice - not a loud one, a fountain of justice - not a mire of corruption, a centre of hope - not a periphery of hopelessness, to make us marvelled at - not dismissed, to make us loved - not hated.

Peter Kellow
February 2018