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Friday 25 August 2017

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Sovereign Republic

Chronicle of the Times.
A New National Print Newspaper


Peter Kellow, Sovereign Republic Leader

Dear Reader

It has been a while since the last newsletter which was in October 2016. Having correctly predicted, when all but all of the pundits got it wrong, the outcome of the UK 2015 election, , the title of that last newsletter, one month before Trump's victory, was "Why Trump Might Still Win – If the Vote is not Rigged".

At that moment he was being written off by pretty well everybody, including of course, our mainstream media, and there was much talk of him actually withdrawing due to some supposed scandal, the details of which excape me.

My hunch was right, even if certainty was impossible, and, as it turned out, the race was close. I only point that out to remind you of why you bother to come here for opinion.


Sovereign Republic

Since the party was first registered in 2012, the political landscape has become almost unrecognisable. Brexit, the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and the election of Donald Trump all shift previous centres of gravity sideways and upwards. And they are merely aspects of the whole complex picture that has emerged

A different political divide has come to the fore. It is not new but now it takes centre stage in our conversations about politics.

This is the divide between "liberals" and what we can call "conservatives" [in the true sense] or "sovereigntists".

This has occasioned the change of the party name, "Sovereign Republic" . Essentially nothing has changed in our fundamental principles but the new name enables us to position ourselves more precisely in this new conversation.


Chronicle of the Times.
A New National Print Newspaper

I will return to that theme often enough but for the present I want to bring to your attention, a further project that I have been engaged on.

This is the creation of a new national print newspaper. That might sound crazy but I have adopted a simple but original business model that makes this possible. It is called Chronicle of the Times or CTT for short

This initiative is a response to the fact that mainstream newspapers of any country are untrustworthy, their political and economic predictions hopelessly wrong and their opinion shallow and biased. The BBC and other media have long ago given up on providing unbiased factual reporting


While this is quite separate from the party I will promote party events through CTT. You may find this difficult to believe but it is almost impossible to advertise political events. No newspaper or journal will accept political adverts and I have not found any events website that is suitable as they all concentrate on leisure activities.

So I view taking CTT forward as a way also of publicising Sovereign Republic and setting up real time meetings. There is nothing like have a bunch of people in a room to establish a common purpose and meaningful debate

To find out how this works watch this video or visit the Chronicle of the Times website


CTT will be financed through donations mainly by those who pick it up free on the streets. But we need some money for the startup. I have lauched a crowdfunding campaign

This campaign states a goal of £5000 but that is far more than I need . With £1500 I can get 10,000 copies onto the streets of London. After that a 2.5% response of readers to donate £10 will pay for 20,000 for the next issue

As you can see I have a very streamlined business model that cuts out any middlemen

All I am asking of you is to donate £10 to the startup. You can do the math. We don't need many of those £10's to create the launch

Everyone knows that we have major problems with current newspapers. They are all owned by just a few billionaires. That is not democracy. This is a way to fight back.

Check out the full mockup here

Do watch the 9 min video or visit the crowdfunding campaign to learn more

....And contribute £10!

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