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Wednesday 30 December 2015

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This week:

Highlighting news stories important to the Civic Republican view,
particularly those that are overlooked or little covered in the main media.

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Peter Kellow, DRP Leader, writes
Courtesy Sky TV News
  • DONATE - for DRP London Meeting

We are beginning a regular feature with this newsletter to mark the beginning of a new year. In this feature I get to ask you for money and you do nothing except feel guilty - until the next newsletter when you feel guilty all over again.

Then you settle down to reading more of the kind of enlightenment you know very well you can get nowhere else.

I know

We have to move this project forward. We have an excellent committee and a basic party structure. The way to develop is with public meetings.

The internet is fine but nothing beats having a number of people in a room finding out what they have in common - and also what they do not.

We have to start in London but we will then branch out the different parts of the country.

We need £500 pounds for the first meeting to cover, room hire, advertising and expenses. Not a huge sum

Once we kick off the first meeting, then future meetings, I am sure, will be bigger.

I will keep a tally on the newsletters of how much has been received, how near the target we are.

You can do the math yourself but

  • 50 donations of £10 would achieve the total
  • Just 10 donations of £50 would achieve the total
  • Just 5 donations of £100 would achieve the total
  • And 1 donation of £500 and off we go1

Simple and cheap. We will do a whip around at the meeting to give us a headstart for financing the next meeting.

Get the ball rolling here:



Hey! Better than feeling guilty!


  • Peter Kellow Debates Republicanism
    on Sky TV News

I was invited to debate the monarchy on republicanism in the London studios of Sky TV News on the occasion of .... I'm sorry, not being much of a royal watcher, I forget the occasion. But it does not matter. It was on 9th September 2015.

It is now available on YouTube.



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