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Saturday 04 April 2015

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This week:

Highlighting news stories important to the Civic Republican view,
particularly those that are overlooked or little covered in the main media.

All these newsletters will be catalogued on the website


  • Campaign Update

Peter Kellow, DRP Leader, writes

    Campaign Election 2015
    DRP Candidate Sought

    We have raised sufficient funds to run a candidate in the coming General Election on Thusday 7th May 2015. Our main candidate has had to stand down being abroad due to work commitments.. If you would like to be considered as a

    DRP Parliametary Candidate

    for a constituency convenient to you contact Peter Kellow

    The main campaign will be run nationally. The single essential commitment of the candidate will be to be present for the Returning Officer's report of the results on General Election night so that we can get the name of the party into millions of homes - a modest aim at this early stage of the party but potentially a very effective one for raising our profile and attracting members

    Election Results Analysis

    The election results on 7th May promise to be rather chaotic with various minor parties jostling for influence - although the most likely outcome is a Conservative Party with either a majority or near majority. A newsletter will analyse the results accordng to how they would have transfered into seats with the Kellowian System of Weighted Reps to demonstrate how this system is fairer and more democratic in the real sense of that word

    During 2015 we are preparing the launch of a


    but one with a difference. It will cut out the influence of advertisers and retailers by being sold exclusively by street sellers.

    Chronicle of the Times is a new venture in newspaper publishing. It will be free to print the truth - something very hard to find in the mainstream media.
    Street sellers will earn 50% of the cover value.

    If you would like to be a Paid Street Seller for the cause of truth and republicanism contact Peter Kellow


    IN 2015 a series of talks will be arranged in London to discuss the vital issues around republicanism and the future of the nation.
    All will be welcome


    If you might be interesting attending. Contact Peter Kellow


    Book Launch 2015

    This book will be based on the content of this website for those who would like to have it in book form. Initially it will be available in Kindle

    If you would like to reserve a copy contact Peter Kellow


    We will be writing to the members by post to bring the membership list and subscriptions up to date. If you are not already a member


    British Electoral Commission

    refuses to lift its threat to ban the party. It has promised to review again our right to the name Democratic Republican Party when this right was granted in 2012.
    We have informed the commission that if they want withdrawn our right to this name they will have to ban the party . Read more ....

    Cambridge Union Debate

    Peter Kellow, Party Leader, was invited to propose the motion "This house would abolish the monarchy" at the Cambridge Union Society on Thursday, 27th February 2014. The Union has a fine 200 year old reputation for honest and courageous debating.
    All such debates are posted on YouTube but the video for this one has mysteriously disappeared.
    Under a monarchy we can never live in a free country for it has to maintain its "mystery". That means the truth cannot be told.

    We will never abandon our enquiry into who was responsible for repressing this debate - Buckingham Palace, MI5 or the Cambridge Union itself - in that order of probability.
    The truth will out as it must if free speech means anything.

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