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Monday 20 October 2014


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  • Cameron Lies to Justify War on IS on BBC Newsnight

Peter Kellow, DRP Leader, writes

Tony Blair's lies on WMD's to justify his war in Iraq are notorious. But have we become all so softened up as democratic nation that we no longer care if of Prime Minister now does exactly the same thing?

“Islamic State ... has already been carrying out ... terrorists plots in Britain”
PM Cameron Newsnight Monday 29 September.

He must produce the evidence for this or resign

Last Friday it was reported that four British men were suspected of swearing allegiance to IS. Is this what he had in mind? If so this is pathetic. It was not financing or plotting from the IS base in Iraq.

Below are two videos. The first is the key quote, the second the complete part of the interview concerning foreign wars.

No national newspaper has reported the blatant lie. No MP has questioned the lie in the Commons forcing to own up to a war justifying lie on national TV

I can hardly believe this of my own country. Can you?

Email your MP with a link to the website version of this email [click top left] and demand that he raise the matter at Prime Minister's Question Time.

Demand how we can let our Prime Minister take us to war on a lie a second time this century.

If no MP is prepared to question a PM on his lying to the nation with regard to his reason for taking us to war then our democracy is in terminal decline.



Write to your MP today. Cameron has lied to the nation about the reasons for taking us to war, just as Tony Blair did