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Sunday 23 February 2014

This week:

Highlighting news stories important to the Civic Republican view,
particularly those that are overlooked or little covered in the main media.

All these newsletters will be catalogued on the website


  • Cambridge Union debate this Thursday

Peter Kellow, DRP Leader has been invited to propose the motion:

“This House Would Abolish
The Monarchy”

At the Cambridge Union Society on Thursday, 27th February 2014.

This is not open to the general public and guests are limited and all the places have been taken. However, a full video of the debate will be posted on YouTube

The Cambridge Union information reads:

The announcement that Prince William is studying in Cambridge this term has prompted comment and outcry across the national and student media. The monarchy is Britain’s most iconic national institution, a central non-partisan plank of our constitution – according to some. For others, it is an outdated relic that impedes our democracy and entrenches elitism. In this debate, we put the arguments, and the modern monarchy, to the test.

Kate Maltby is a member of the Executive Team of Bright Blue, the liberal-Tory think tank, and is the editor of Bright Blue's magazine.
Peter Kellow is Leader of the Democratic Republican Party, and
writer for the Huffington Post. Peter believes there is a need for radical changes in UK politics.
Philippa Richards is of the Welsh Government office

Peter Whittle is Director of thinktank the New Culture Forum and author of Monarchy Matters. Peter challenges the ‘Left-liberal stranglehold’ on the arts.
Hugo Vickers is known for writing royal biographies such as Elizabeth,
The Queen Mother.
Hugo was appointed Chairman of the Jubilee Walkway Trust in 2002
Rose Beale is Events Officer at Cambridge Development Initiative


  • Launch of DRP brand new website

In case you are wondering we have not been asleep during the rather long gap since the last website.

The old website was drastically in need of an overhaul. We now have ready to launch a completely new improved website.

In addition the committee have been working on the strategy for the General Election 2015


This will go online next Saturday, 1st March 2014. There is a blog for practically every page so join in the discussion.

If you are a member you will be able to join the debate running up to the publication of the DRP manifesto for the election of 2015.


  • Launch of new Breaking News bulletin

How many times do you read a story in the press or see on TV and realise that it has long term implications and deserves to be archived for future reference.

Breaking News answers this need. It gives a link to such a story as it happens. You can read it now

And it will be catalogued for future use on the website.

Breaking news stories will be chosen above all for their use in formulating policy.

If you see a story that you think should be included just forward the link to


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