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Issue No 91 Friday 03 February 2012

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Peter Kellow writes

Great News for republicans everywhere!

The Electoral Commission approved our application in its entirety on Tuesday, 1st February 2012. So we are now a British political party officially.

This means we can contest parliamentary and local elections throughout England, Scotland and Wales. (Northern Ireland is subject to a separate registration.)

We are also free to accept donations within the Electoral Commission rules.

What those of you who did not attend the Pre-Inaugural Meeting on 1st October 2011 may not know is that we have changed the name. We will no longer assume the name Republican Party of Great Britain

At the meeting, member, Leon Smith, suggested that, as we place great emphasis on increasing democracy under the Republic, we might call ourselves the Democratic Republican Party

This proposal was immediately received very favourably by the meeting and after a good discussion exploring the implications of the change it was unanimously accepted.

We have had to keep the new name under wraps during the registration as far as possible and so it has not be publicised

Subsequently all the people I have spoken to about the new name either in the party or outside have wholeheartedly agreed that it is an excellent choice. We can no longer be wrongly confused or identified with the Republican Party in the US. A search on the Wikipedia turns up only a party of our new name in the early history of the USA but is long defunct. (In any case it seems that what that party stood for was quite sympathetic to our aims.)

So I hope everyone likes the new name. It will shortly appear on The Electoral Commission's on line register. No one can now choose anything that might be similar for another party. That will be the name on the ballot papers.

I have registered the domain and transferred the website to that address

Don't worry about having the old domain address on your bookmarks. There is automatic web forwarding set up to take you to the new address

We have begun updating the website

The officers registered are as follows:

Peter Kellow, Leader and Treasurer

Paul Bean, Nominating Officer and Campaigns Officer

The other Steering Committee members are:

Peter Shearmur

Richard Vernon

Mike Hodgkinson

Mark Stephen Smith

Ian Rawnsley

Photos and details of the committee here

The Steering Committee are now working on the party constitution for presentation and voting on at the First General Meeting

At that meeting we shall also elect a committee according the the provisions of the constitution to supersede the Steering Committee. No doubt the agenda will also include speeches and much discussion

We already have some ideas for moving forward now we have our branding and identity fixed and some of these came out of the pre-inaugural meeting

Any other ideas let's put them in the ring!

After the First General Meeting we go forward in earnest!

Yours, for a Democratic Republican future

The days of three party politics are over

Peter Kellow
Founder and Leader, Democratic Republican Party


  • Party Subscriptions Due!

Many members have already paid their subscriptions via Paypal on the website. Others pledged to pay the subscription of £10. Pay now and this will run for a year from the date of payment

Understandably a lot of people do not like Paypal but you can now pay by sending a cheque for £10 made out to the Democratic Republican Party to

Paul Bean
Democratic Republican Party
5 Alderdene Close
Ushaw Moor
County Durham DH7 7NL

All subscriptions, donations and expenses will be fully accounted for and the accounts presented to members

All the committee and officers are volunteers but we will start to incur expenses

Please note that from now to be a member you have to have paid your subscription. If you have not paid you are not a member

And remember if you are a student or unemployed the membership fee is £1 a year

Only paid up members will be able to attend and vote at the
First General Meeting

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