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For a Civic and Constitutional Republic 


Issue No 81 Sunday 09 October 2011

This Week

  • Preinaugural Meeting a Great Success.

  • A Steering Committee Created

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This was the banner for this meeting:



"A Vision of a Republican Party"
- Address by Peter Kellow

2pm . Saturday . 1st October 2011
Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square
London WC1R 4RL
(Nearest Tube . Holborn)



A message from Peter Kellow

To all members and newsletter subscribers

First of all a big thank you to the many members and subscribers who sent good wishes for this meeting. Those who attended were aware that they represented far more than those present.

I think I can speak for all present when I say that the meeting was a great success and that the standard of discussion was high. I felt that we had no difficulty in finding a sense of common purpose and identity.

It is fair to say that attendance was hit a little by the suberb summer weather in early October. And also as a national organisation I understand that it was difficult for many members or subscribers to get to London. In spite of that we had attendees from as far away as Durham and Belfast who had made the trip specially to London. I think we all owe them our special gratitude for their support.

The meeting lasted three hours from 2pm to 5pm with a pleasant break in the park cafe for tea. Afterwards the meeting had finished most continued the discussion in a nearby pub. I think all who were present will agree with me when I say it was not only a good political event but also a very agreeable social event. I was very pleased to personally meet all present without exception and I am sure we have laid the firm foundations for working together in the most amicable and productive way

Whereas the internet is a wonderful way to get things going there is no substitute for getting together in a room. Politics has to be about people first and foremost. As more and more of you join in and participate, I think you will find that republicans are not only on the right track politically but they are good people to get to know as well! What's not to like!

For those who could not attend the audio recording of my address on a vision for a republican party is here. The talk was delivered unscripted with a minimum of notes and so is not available as text. I hope you will find time to listen, it lasts about 45 mins. After I had finished, the content of the speech was discussed along with other topics and I think it was broadly accepted. Hopefully it was not, in any case, particularly controversial to most republicans.

The important business of the meeting was to form a steering committee whose job will be:

1. drafting a party constitution
2. registering the party with the Electoral Commission
3. setting up a bank account
4. producing a formal membership list
5. arranging for a first members' General Meeting to approve the constitution and vote for officers and a formal Committee

One member who could not attend the meeting had already said he would like to be on the steering committee and four including myself put themselves forward at the meeting making five which is a good number. The meeting approved the committee members. The members of the committee will be posted on the website in a week or so.

We discussed various options for actions once the party is formally constituted. These include contesting by-elections, and making contact with student groups. We will soon start to make an impact. I have absolutely no doubt that there is a crying need for what we are creating and that numbers of supporters will rapidly grow.

To turn to the necessary if tedious question of money for a moment, most of those present at the meeting paid their £10 for their first year's subscription which will run from the time the party is brought into existence by the Electoral Commission.

If you are a pledged member, please, if you can, go on to the site and pay your first years subscription on the Subscribe button provided on the home page. There is a reduced rate of £1 for students and unemployed

Our expenses are low at present. But we will soon start to incur expenses and we need to build a fighting fund. All committee members (including me, of course) are voluntary.

If you are a newsletter subscriber, you might like to consider joining at this point. You can pay the first year's subscription either now or when the party is formally registered.

And if you would like to donate you can use the Donate button on the home page. Every penny will be accounted for and the accounts made available to members and donors.

Any money paid at present stays in the Paypal account and as soon as we have the party bank account set up it will be transfered there. The setting up of the bank account is an urgent priority of the steering committee.

Once again thank you to all who have supported this new venture of creating a republican party to challenge the out-of-date, undemocratic system we live under. We are on our way!

Some out there, for sure, won't like us. But that's too bad for them. We will gain many friends and supporters throughout the land and no one is going to able to ignore us or stop us.

Republicans have had enough of being pushed around by an undemocratic politico-economic system that cares little for the mass of people it is supposed to serve. We have the imagination and the determination to make a big difference in British political life.

We are going to do just that!

With warm best wishes

Peter Kellow



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