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Tuesday 17 June 2014

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Peter Kellow, DRP Leader, comments...

In the last DRP Newsletter No 129 I refered to the giant jihadist state, stretching from the Mediterrenean, to the border of Iran that is in the process of forming itself.

This is a creation of the George Bush and Tony Blair resulting from their 2003 invasion of Iraq

The map above is included in the article below and illustrates well the shape of this new state in the making.

Global Research 17 June 2014

Towards the Creation of a US Sponsored Islamist Caliphate

US-NATO support to ISIS is channeled covertly through America’s staunchest allies: Qatar and Saudi Arabia. According to London’s Daily Express “They had money and arms supplied by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.”

“through allies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the West [has] supported militant rebel groups which have since mutated into ISIS and other al‑Qaeda connected militias. ( Daily Telegraph, June 12, 2014)

While the media acknowledges that the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has accused Saudi Arabia and Qatar of supporting ISIS, it invariably fails to mention that both Doha and Riyadh are acting on behalf and in close liaison with Washington.

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