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Tuesday 18 March 2014

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Peter Kellow, DRP Leader, comments...

That living standards have been falling is hardly news. They have been falling for thirty years - for all but the really superrich

This is a megatrend that is a major factor in the lives of us all. Look out for the forthcoming DRP Newletter:

The Unstoppable Drive towards the Third Serfdom

The falling living standards are not a result of some misguided aspect of policy but the result of the whole financial structure of our economy.

The Guardian, Tuesday 18 March 2014

Living standards have fallen across the board since 2010, says report

Households at top and bottom of the income scale worst affected, according to data from Institute for Fiscal Studies

Chancellor George Osborne

Households at every income level have seen their living standards fall since the last election, according to independent figures that put pressure on George Osborne to translate economic growth into higher incomes.

According to data from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, households at the top and bottom of the income scale are worst affected, but middle-income earners who pay the 40p tax rate suffer most when their wages increase.

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