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Tuesday 20 January 2015

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Peter Kellow, DRP Leader, comments...


I Follow Charlie – Unthinkingly, Unquestioningly

In the DRP newsletter no 140 of Sunday 18 January 2015 I wrote of the world leaders' "march" in Paris in support of publishing cartoons of Muhammad:

"So why did the world leaders get together in such a public way? The only explanation can be that there is a different story behind their display of solidarity. This was not about freedom, but about showing unity against the Islamic world.

These are heads of government and every action they take will be interpreted in different ways by different people and there can be no doubt that with all their advisors they will have considered this. Whereas many, in the west especially, may, in spite of the glaring hypocrisy, take their actions and statements at face value to Muslims everywhere it looks like a show of strength and unity against Muslims, their culture and their religion. "


Meanwhile, as the BBC reports, Christian churches are attacked and Christians killed in Niger, Africa. That may be a "far off country of which we know very little" but for the Christians on the ground they are being killed and injured and their places of worship destroyed because world leaders have chosen to defend the actions of a few idiot journalist in Paris that is their home.

Did the world leaders protesting in Paris take account of this reaction? We know the answer.

Has this reaction been widely reported? We know the answer.

People being killed in Niger is clearly not so important as almost the same number of people being killed in Paris. Hollande, Cameron and the rest are largely responsible for these deaths.

The dead in Niger were not disrespectful to Islam. But they have paid the ultimate price for those who did and for the support that world leaders have given them.

They are paying the price for our illusory "free" press

Charlie Hebdo: Niger protesters torched 45 churches

At least 10 people have been killed and 45 churches set on fire since protests erupted in Niger over the French magazine Charlie Hebdo's depiction of the Prophet Muhammad, police say.

The government has declared three days of mourning for those who died.

Hotels and bars were also burned to the ground during a weekend of violent protests, the authorities said.

Islamist gunmen killed 12 people at Charlie Hebdo's offices in an attack earlier this month.

The cover of the magazine's latest edition, published after the attack, featured a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad weeping while holding a sign saying "I am Charlie".

It led to criticism from many living in Muslim-majority countries who said the magazine's editors were being unnecessarily provocative.


In the capital Niamey at least five people were killed during the clashes, while another five died in the southern city of Zinder.

More than 170 people were injured, officials said.

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