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Thurday 01 October 2014

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Peter Kellow, DRP Leader, comments...


“Islamic State ... has already been carrying out ... terrorists plots in Britain” - PM Cameron

Cameron Starts Rerun of Blair/Bush War Lies


No one can ever disassociate Tony Blair from the fact that he took the country to war in Iraq on the basis of a lie. He said WMDs were owned by Saddam Hussein and that they could reach us with 45 minutes giving little chance to avert them.

This statement was made against the repeated assertions that we had to invade, not only Iraq but Afghanistan, to safeguard Britain against terrorist attacks.

But if terrorists do threaten us, then or now, the correct response is to tighten defences on the homeland.

This was done at the same time as waging foreign wars and it is the former that has protected us. The worst atrocity of 7/7 was home grown not from Afghanistan.

David Cameron repeated exactly this line of thinking to justify the military adventure against Islamic State. In an interview on Newsnight this Monday with Evan Davis he made this statement word for word

“Islamic State is a direct threat to us. It has already been carrying out and trying to carry out terrorists plots in Britain”

He explained: “The reason why we have to get involved is that terrorism comes back to bite us here at home"

The interviewer stuck to his script and let these outrageous lies go unchallenged.
Where is the evidence for these “terrorist plots” IS “has already been carrying out”. They were clearly rather damp squids as terrorists plots as everyone failed to notice them.

Cameron lied about these terrorist plots that have “already” been carried out just as Blair lied about WMDs

To my knowledge none of our cowed pathetic media has picked this up and so Cameron can create an atmosphere of menace to justify his war. No one has challenged him to produce evidence and so his statement becomes accepted truth.

Watch full interview here


Forget Kilograms. Teach Children Pounds and Ounces

In the same interview our Prime Minister treated us to his thoughts on educating our children for the 21st century by saying they should not be taught about kilograms but that their education should involve only pounds and ounces.

Probably recalling his own progressive education at Eton he sees no reason why we should equip the next generation for the modern world.

How can we trust this man with anything?