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Saturday 21 June 2014

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Peter Kellow, DRP Leader, comments...

Unbelievable! They are at it again. More monarchist propaganda from the BBC. Now architecture cannot exist without the monarchy.

OK, these royal buildings are interesting and the history that goes with them is too. But can't the BBC discuss anything in British history that does not involve the glorification of monarchy.

We do not live in a free country. Nothing can exist outside of the monarchy. Everything has to be told in terms of the monarchy.

The British people are being treated like monarchist stooges. History is being defiled and distorted.

Let us claim back our history. Our history is our identity. They cannot rob us of that.

PS. I am on holiday for the next three weeks and will be off the grid. And thanks to all who have contributed to our appeal for funds to fight the 2015 election. Keep those standing orders and cheques coming!

BBC 17 June 2014

Towards an Architecture of Majesty

Image for Towards an Architecture of Majesty.

Episode 1 of 3

The BBC writes:

Royal palaces are the most magnificent buildings in our history. Often built to extraordinary levels of luxury and excess, they express the personalities of our kings and queens since 1066.

From the Tower of London to Hampton Court Palace, Dan Cruickshank reveals an extraordinary story of buildings, often fortified, that cemented the monarch's claim to the throne. Palaces that reveal our monarchs like no other buildings - their taste for luxury, their fear of the mob, even their relationship with God.

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