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“Islamic State ... has already been carrying out ... terrorists plots in Britain”

PM Cameron Newsnight Tuesday 30 September. He must resign for lying to and
misleading the British public

No one can ever disassociate Tony Blair from the fact that he took the country to war in Iraq on the basis of a lie. David Cameron repeated exactly this line of thinking to justify the military adventure against Islamic State. Yet it has been ignored by our cowed media. We cannot let this go. The PM should resign


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How is it that in the 21st century the British Head of State is still a Mediaeval Monarch? Everywhere we see the pernicious effect this archaic institution has on the life, politics and wealth of the country.
The fact of having a head of state chosen by bloodline enshrines privilege and inherited wealth as a basic principle of government.
This percolates down through society from top to bottom, resulting in massive injustice

The TORY Royalist grovellers have dominated British politics for over 100 years and have wrecked a once great economy. Now all the main parties conform to the Tory agenda.

The DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN PARTY is the party of the great British WHIG tradition of radical constitutionalism and progressive capitalism

We stand for the removal of the monarchy. But we are much more than that. We will implement a full Democratic Republican Constitution embodying republican principles to revitalise our democracy and our nation.














Video: The Power of the Monarchy
by Keith Allen




 Video: Why We Should Abolish the Monarchy
principles of repubican government


British Electoral Commission Tries to Undermine the Democratic Republican Party - Unless They Are Not Fit For Purpose


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Election 2015 Appeal


in the run up to the 2015 election campaign we will be writing personally to every member requesting donations. We can do nothing without money. Please give generously!

Peter Kellow was invited to propose the motion. “This House Would Abolish The Monarchy” at the Cambridge Union Society on Thursday, 27th February 2014.

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an introduction to democratic republicanism


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queen of england ruling the people queen of tax havens robbing the people

As well as being head of state of Britain, the Queen is head of state of a number of Commonwealth countries. These she always refers to in her Christmas message.
What she never mentions is that she is also head of state of all the British so-called "overseas territories", in particular, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and Gibraltar.
All these are notorious tax havens, having passed legislation allowing rich British companies and individuals to evade and avoid British tax. And these are not small sums, the Cayman Islands is the fourth biggest financial centre in the world.
In the Queen’s role as head of state of these jurisdictions, she could, through her governor, veto any legislation in the local parliament. But she does nothing. She does nothing to prevent them passing low tax legislation. So she is contributing directly to the fleecing of her own subjects.
Further, she does nothing to stop them passing bank secrecy laws which mean that no one can know what money is passing through these islands' accounts. This opens the door to all sorts of illicit money, protecting drug runners, money launderers, human traffickers, arms runners, money stolen from corrupt third world




governments and terrorist funds from the public and the authorities.
All this happens under the Queen’s watch. And she happily publicly associates herself with all these activities by allowing her image to appear on their bank notes.


history corner



Portrait Gallery


These are just a few of the great men and women who have made republicanism and
republican ideas
such an intergral part of our history



The forgotten radicals that shaped the modern world


Everyone today has heard of the Tories and knows what they stand for. Everyone has also heard of the Whigs, but very few know what they stood for. The Whigs and the Torys were always bitter enemies and that emnity is a vital part of British history.


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BBC Monarchist Bias Distorts British History Beyond Recognition

"Under the first two George’s Britain went from being a bit of a provincial backwater to a global superpower"

To call Britain a “provincial backwater” in 1714 prior to the arrival of the George’s is deeply insulting to our nation and its prestige and achievements in every aspect of civilisation at that time: art, political economy, philosophy, military might, commercial power, rights and freedoms, literature, music and science.

It is deeply insulting to all the great British men and women that had made Britain the last place you would call a “provincial backwater”.


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The neoliberal agenda that still dominates all main parties today


The period of Margaret Thatcher's prime ministership from 1979 to 1989 was a period of radical change. When admirers of her, which includes all major current politicians, speak of her they only refer to her personality - rarely her policies. Here we catalogue the tragic effects Thatcherism had on our nation.
  1. Thatcherite Economics. Libertarianism
  2. Thatcherite Economics. Monetarism
  3. Exploitation of the Prime Ministerial Power
  4. Privatization
  5. Falklands war
  6. Channel tunnel
  7. Industrial relations.
  8. Attack on the civil society.
    A. Attack on the civil service
    B. Attack on the professions
    C. Attack on the universities
  9. Centralization of the state
    Still to come ...
  10. The Union of Britain
  11. Foreign Policy
  12. Contracting out
  13. Council house sales
  14. Poll tax
  15. Philistinism
  16. The destruction of the Conservative Party


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Posted Monday 26 May 2014

Peter Kellow, DRP Leader writes.

It is one thing to concentrate on the history of the monarchs, it is quite another to totally distort history in the service of aggrandising the monarchy and magnifying its significance and role in events. The recent BBC three part history presented by Lucy Worsley “The First Georgians: The German Kings Who Made Britain” did just that.

The deception is well advertised in the title. The idea that George I and II “made Britain”, is an insult to name of the Britons who truly formed Britain in the seventeenth and eighteenth century.

In the last Newsletter I spoke of the ongoing influence that the monarchy still has in this country, even if their direct political power may have gone by the way, and here in this monarchist propaganda (there is no other word for it) this influence is blatant. a


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Posted Saturday 22 March 2014

Peter Kellow, DRP Leader writes.

George Osborne’s plan announced in the Budget on Wednesday to free up how people spend or invest their pension pot has been widely acclaimed.

It is said to give freedom to people to be responsible for their own finances and was a long overdue reform. The fact that few doubts have been expressed in the mainstream media shows the extent that the Tory-led coalition’s economic and political agenda has been taken up and become received opinion.

One of the arguments supporting the move is that annuities repayments are now on the floor. Until now when you retired at pensionable age and you took the pension pot that you had saved up, you pocketed up to 25% of it and the rest you had to use to buy an annuity - yeilding you a derisory income ........

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Student Loans – The Giant Scam That Robs The Nation


Peter Kellow writes


It was one of the grand projects of current JP Morgan Director, Tony Blair, in one of his previous employments as British Prime Minister: make university education open to the many. The many here was meant to be 50% of the young now going through education. The plan included making students pay for their higher education through loans. In the earlier years of the project, they paid just a little, then a lot, then practically the whole of the cost of the education.
Students now going through university will emerge up to their eyes in debt and this debt will dog them for years. Debt is not a superficial aspect of life. It drags you down. R.W. Emerson whom I cited in Newsletter 109 put it aptly when he said back in 1836 “Debt, grinding debt …  which disheartens a great spirit with cares that seem so base..” Debt is a scourge of our lives.
Leaving aside the question of whether we really need 50% of our young going to higher education, let us ask whether there is any alternative to making people pay for higher education and let us ask whether it might be more sensible for the nation to pay for it.


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What To Do About The Barclays LIBOR Scam?
The Answer: Ban Securitisation


Peter Kellow writes


I returned from a couple of week’s holiday in the sun yesterday. So for two weeks I saw no news and received no emails. Very refreshing. What was not so fresh was the news that greeted my return. Once again the bankers have been caught up to their tricks of looting their investors and the general public. To anyone outside the world of banking and regulation what they have done, namely fixing LIBOR, the interbank lending interest rate, would be criminal but it seems Barclays may well be let off with an insignificant fine.
You might expect from the national press some interesting new perspective on the banks and their chums in the regulatory authorities and government but all we get is the same old indignation and calls for enquiries and a few stiffer measures to control the banks. The most generalized comments refer to the culture within the banks and this is held by some to be rotten to the core. Well, we can all say ‘aye-aye’ to that
But what will happen to truly curb the banks in their activities? We all know the answer to that. Nothing. Business secretary, Vince Cable, described the problems in UK banking as "a moral quagmire of almost biblical proportions", although he did not specify in which book of the bible such a quagmire is mentioned. In reality this moral quagmire is unprecedented in the Old Testament or anywhere else. Bob Diamond, et al, are taking us into brand new territories of greed, power and moral decadence


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